Higher education marketing photography

Cabrini University admissions images

Some recent images from a day of photography at Cabrini in suburban Philadelphia for print and web admissions materials. We captured new student life images in a recently built residence hall including shots in rooms, common areas used for studying, cooking, and hanging out. We also photographed students in classrooms and outdoors around campus. 

University Viewbook photography

Viewbook photography for Oberlin College

Photographed viewbook images for this northeast Ohio liberal arts college. I really enjoyed telling the story of the school’s eclectic culture and showing what makes the campus unique, including students’ passion for social activism, environmental stewardship, and expressing their individualism. We also captured images of classes and the arts, music, and theatre programs.  click here…

Higher education marketing photography

University of Illinois Admissions Images

Worked with the in-house creative team on admissions photography for the school’s College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Over three days we captured images of students and faculty in labs on campus and engaged in field research. We emphasized photographing research in agricultural technology including drones and robots to monitor crop production.  Click here…

College and university admissions marketing photography by Matthew Lester

New admissions photography at Kent State University

Teamed up for five days of photography with the in-house creative department and the agency 160over90, which focuses on higher ed. As we created new images for university branding, one of our focuses was to capture the campus Design Innovation initiative. We photographed students collaborating in various “DI Nodes” around campus such as engineering, architecture,…