Who is Matthew Lester?

A visual storyteller who captures the excitement of education. As a lifelong learner who loves education, he creates images that capture a sense of place and the spirit and energy of the students. Images that are real.

He’s traveled to more than 30 countries, to places like Afghanistan to document girls’ education and to Eastern Congo to tell the story of refugees from the country’s decades-long conflict. This work has made him incredibly adaptable to changing situations and able to work quickly… getting the most value possible for the client.

A creative collaborator. He loves teaming up with art directors and making things where the creative sum is greater than its parts. He’s able to shoot on-location wirelessly tethered from camera to iPad, giving the art director the ability to see what’s being captured in real time.

A design thinker. As he’s looking through the lens, he’s thinking about layout, negative space for type, images that will work for different mediums… creating images that will have added value and additional usages.

Most of all, he’s easy to work with and a super nice guy.

He lives with his family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He enjoys books, being in the kitchen and out in the woods.